Cooking with electric oven

Bertazzoni’s electric ovens are designed for fast, efficient cooking to help you create the perfect dish every time. They are packed with features and technology to make cooking more flexible, controllable, enjoyable and, thanks to the A++ energy rating, sustainable.

Rich with functions for complete control

Bertazzoni electric ovens feature fan technology that delivers optimal heat distribution and faster heat-up times, whilst avoiding hot spots and heat shadows, even when multi-level roasting or baking. Precision cooking is ensured by multiple elements, controlled by a programmable micro-processor for the best cooking results. Cooking temperatures are constantly monitored and managed between 40°C and 300°C. Functions include non-convection baking, convection, fan assisted grilling, and low-temperature proofing and warming modes. Electric ovens are ideal for mid-to low- temperature cooking, such as baking or recipes that require slow cooking, like casseroles. 

features / technologies
Flexible and adaptable
  • Large "Best in Class" cavity sizes 
  • Cook easily for big groups of family or friends
  • Multi-level cooking is efficient and fast with no flavour cross-over
  • Choose from a number of different configurations: single, double or triple ovens


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