Bertazzoni Built-in Wine Columns

To keep your wine at its best, Bertazzoni wine column offers a high level of control. In addition to the perfect temperature range, you can also control the humidity through the intuitive interface.

Two temperature zones are available to store red and white wine between 4°C and 18°C. Age your wines at a constant temperature and humidity and prevent light damage and unwanted movement of wine thanks to the UV light shielding door window glass.


features / technologies
Dual temperature zone

You can safely store red and white wine at the same time with the option to set 2 different temperature zones. Even when filled to capacity, constant temperature and humidity is guaranteed to ensure your wine is kept in perfect condition.


Humidity control

Choose from 3 levels of humidity – low, medium and high to keep your wine and corks in perfect condition.


UV and vibration protection

To protect your valuable wine collection from light damage, the cellar features a tinted triple glass UV protected door. The compressor has a vibration damping system to make sure your wine rests undisturbed until you’re ready to enjoy it.


Exceptional ageing

If you wish to age special red wines over a long period, this wine column lets you do this with complete control. Set the accurate temperature and humidity controls and lay down the bottles, safe in the knowledge they will be kept in the best condition possible.


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